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1) League Age:A player's league age is the age used to determine what group your player will play in. For softball it is January 1st or the year the season starts. For baseball the League age is determined by the player's age on 30th. EXAMPLE: A softball player that turns 11 on or after Jan 2nd would be in the 10U division. A baseball player that turns 11 on or after May 1st would also be in the Mustang division.Top of Page 

 2) Playing up or down a division: Players are NOT permitted to play down. Players are permitted to play up according to their ability. To accomplish this the player's guardian must email their player agent and request a special evaluation. If the Agent, parent and 1 executive board member agree the player may be placed on a team above their "League Age".Top of Page

3-6) Fees: Fees are set by the Board in response to the previous season's expenses. The cost can be found in the registration portal. You must create an account and log in to see the fees.

  1. All players must have an online account. 
  2. You do not have to put your credit card into our database system. We can invoice you electronically through our bank. 
  3. You can pay with a credit, debit or EFT card in person or you can pay cash. 
  4. We do not accept personal checks. 
  5. There is a discount for siblings after the third player from the same household. To get this benefit you must register online. The website applies the discount at checkout. 
  6. If you are unable to pay for registration in one payment, you can make payment arrangements. To get this benefit you must register online. The system will store your credit card and auto pay the payments until fees are paid. The earlier in the registration season the lower your first payment will be. Payments are not accepted after late registration has begun.
  7. Our final option for payment is a partial or total scholarship. This program is supported by donations and is open to income qualified members only. To apply you must create an online account, register to play but do not make the payment on the checkout page. Complete a scholarship application and submit it prior to the deadline.It is important to note that PSYL has a No Refund Policy that all members agree to when registering. Top of Page

7) Player Evaluations: A better name for tryouts is evaluations. The kids are run through some simple drills to try to evaluate their ability. Each player is rated on the various skills from 1-5 with 5 being best. Then Coaches, Player Agents and an Executive Board Member sit down and average the ratings for each player. As we draft teams, the teams average parity ratings are tract in an attempt to keep the team's skill levels even. For more detail, please read our Evaluation Policy. After kids are evaluated we hold a draft. Coaches then take turns picking players based on their draft number and their parity number. Please read our Draft Policy for more detail on this.Top of Page

8) Start of the season: We have 2 main seasons.
Spring season starts with an opening day fair on the the second Saturday of March. Games start the following week.
Winter season starts the second week of October and ends prior to winter school break.Top of Page

9) Game Days: We try to schedule games for regular days of the week and the same time of the day. The inter-league schedule makes this difficult as we have to be flexible with our partner leagues. Generally game times/days of the week for spring are;

  • T-Ball/Shetland (3 thru 6 years of age coed) - Wednesdays, 6:00 pm
  • Pinto Fastpitch Softball (8U)- Tuesday/Thursdays, 6:00 pm
  • Pinto Baseball (8U) - Monday/Wednesdays/ Fridays, 6:00 pm
  • Mustang Fastpitch Softball (10U) - Tuesday/Thursdays, 6:00 pm
  • Mustang Baseball (10U) - Monday/Wednesdays/ Fridays, 6:00 pm {Occasional late games may occur}
  • Bronco and Pony Fastpitch (12U & 14U) Tuesday/Thursdays any time between 6:00 pm and 7:30 pm
  • Bronco and Pony Baseball (12U & 14U) Monday/Wednesdays/ Fridays any time between 6:00 pm and 7:30 pm.Top of Page

 10) Game Schedules: PSYL generates the schedule for divisions that do not play in inter-league schedules. There are two primary League leading the way in the inter-league program. These league take turns generating the inter-league schedule. Coordinating 6 leagues, 6 facilities with 9 different age divisions can be daunting and difficult. The Leagues generate a draft schedule, review it as a group and then publish it. However, mistakes still happen. Schedules are under constant review and revisions do occur during the season. We try to make them as early in the season as possible and notification is sent to the league's board members and team managers as soon as possible.Top of Page

11) Placing a group of kids together: PSYL understands the social aspects of sports and that some kids are reluctant to join a group of kids they don't know. We understand that some coaches mentor a specific group of kids. We also firmly believe that one of the skills that is essential to life is being able to cope in a group of people one may not be familiar with. With these things in mind we have developed two programs. First is club team program. We allow kids to come together in a group or 9 to 12 kids and form a team. This group of kids would fall into our club team program. These team must play up one age bracket from the "league age". (ie a 19U team would play 12U) They must also abide by our Club Team Policy.Top of Page

12) Player Training/Must Play: PSYL does not track the win loss records of teams during the spring season. We require coaches to play kids at least 2 consecutive defensive innings every game. This is designed to encourage the coach to play every player in different positions. We also design our tournaments so coaches must have a lot players in "key positions" during our end of year tournament in order to be competitive.Top of Page

13) Rules of Play: PSYL plays under a hierarchy of rules that is shared with most valley leagues. In fact PSYL co-authors the Low Desert versions of the rules with Indio, La Quinta and their Umpiring staff.Top of Page

The rule hierarchy is as follows;

  1. Official Baseball Rules
  2. PONY Rules
  3. Low Desert Baseball Rules


  1. Official Rules of Softball
  2. PONY Rules
  3. Low Desert Rules for Softball Top of Page

15) All Stars: All Stars is a summer tournament program open to kids that played in the regular spring season. Players may tryout for All Stars provided they played in at least 50% of the game available to them in the division they are trying out for. These are tournament teams that travel So Cal and beyond for a chance to win a trip to play in the PONY World Series. Please visit the All Star page for specific information for this year's All Star program.Top of Page

16) Getting involved: Our organization is operated based a on a "functional structure*" model of corporate operation. What that means to our volunteers is you pick a place you want to help, let us know and we will put you to work. You can volunteer to help in a one time event. As a board member or anywhere in between. We are always looking for general help with programs like All Stars, tournaments, fundraisers, opening day festivals, coaches, and division agents. If you want to be on our Executive Board, please email us.Top of Page

17) Problem Resolution: We ask that you give your player agent an opportunity to resolve any issues that arise. If they either do not satisfy your issue or don't have an answer, they will refer the situation to the Vice President in charge of your program. If you still need assistance, you can contact and executive board member. A list of contacts can be found on our Contact Us Page.Top of Page

16) I want to help out. How do I get involved?  We are looking for anyone that wants to pitch in. Whether it is for an hour or the entire season. We welcome all comers. Just email us at [email protected] Top of Page

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